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Wetlands Reclamation:  Wetlands are defined as areas that are substantially affected by water saturation or shallow inundation for periods of time sufficient to develop characteristic soil types, and/or specially adapted vegetation.  We can create wetlands reclamation installs to provide a multifunctional ecosystem that allows water to become the most active factor to not only influence plant growth and soil formation but, also control the evolvement of wetlands with changing environmental conditions.  We mitigate the impact of drainage and agricultural changes to the regional wetlands hydrology.

A primary condition of mine permitting is the agreement to return disturbed wetlands on the mine sites to a socially acceptable condition that is nearly identical to the premine state. Once the mining is complete, the reclamation process begins.  We can assist in installing the removed soil and grading it to varying elevations and plant with native grass/plant species to become a restored wetland area.  In many cases this may envolve constructing stream ssytems to connect reclaimed wetlands to preservation wetlands systems.

We can use excavation equipment to contour land to create a mix of uplands, wetlands and lake/stream areas with gentle outer slopes.  The shallows of these waterways are then planted with wetland plants species to enhance water quality and allow water to flow during siginificant rain events.  To create proper wildlife corridors, we consider more than just the stream channel.  We create buffers around the stream by planting specific wetland species along the banks to develop wetland floodplain systems.  These buffer areas are vital to developing effective wildlife corridors and canopy over the stream.

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Wetlands Reclamation