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Drill Seeding and Straw Mulch Crimping: Seedmasters, Inc. specializes in custom blend native grass drill seeding.  We offer a broad range of drought tolerant grass seed and wildflower mixes.  Whether you have a jobsite that needs temporary/permanent seeding or a pasture that needs a boost for your livestock, we can help.  Our no-till seeding allows us to beef up your existing stand of grasses without damage.  If we are seeding rock hard compacted job sites we always break up the ground properly to prepare a seedbed that will green up quickly.  We also provide straw mulch crimping to assist seed growth and for temporary erosion control.

Hydro Seeding and Hydro Mulching:  Whether it's a commercial jobsite or five miles of roadside, our hydroseeding can be a fast answer to areas needing grass and/or wildflowers.  We can add any mix of seed you want and spray on tackifiers, soil amendments, and mulches that can stabilize soil on any slope or hill.  Soil sampling analysis is another service we provide to aid in proper seed growth.  We offer bonded fiber, flexible matrix and growth  medium hydro-seeding and stabilization solutions for difficult areas.  We are also one of the premier installers in the western region of Biotic Earth, a hydraulically applied matrix containing composted organic fibers used in conditions of marginal or extremely poor soil.  Our hydromulching is another erosion control and dust prevention solution if you have exposed dirt but are not ready to finalize the project.

Erosion Control:  From silt fence/straw wattles to erosion control blanket/netting, we can provide your jobsite with the erosion control best management practices it needs to prevent runoff and contamination. Our goal is to keep the soil in place from the beginning to prevent the need for continuous cleanup and rework. We have installed and protected a variety of sites to include highways, residential and commercial developments and parks.   A small list of our products/services are below but please call for pricing and the best products for your individualized application.  Erosion Control Net, Reinforcement Mat, Rock Socks, Inlet Protection, Silt Fence, Erosion Control Logs, Straw Wattles, Check Dams, Temporary Sediment Structures, Construction Fence, Livestock Fence, Drill Seeding, Straw Mulching, Hydro Seeding, Hydro Mulching, Colorado State Certified Pesticide and Herbicide Applicators, Street Sweeping and Dust Control.

Consultation Services:  We provide a full range of consulting services to create specifications and design build to produce the proper vegetation and habitat placement for your unique site needs.

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Seeding and Erosion Control