Tree Grinding and Log Removal

ROW Clearing Fraser Colorado

ROW Clearing Fraser Colorado

Mine Land Clearing and Wood Grinding

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Land Clearing: Whether you are mining, building roads, developing commercial/residential property; we have the machines that can remove and grind stumps, large trees, or any woody plant/schrubs and produce mulch to re-spread onsite or export depending on your needs.  First, land clearing rakes mounted to dozer blades and excavators remove trees and brush, pushing the wood to a central location or multiple piles throughout the site.  Typical clearing times of two to five acres per day are achieved depending on terrain and tree count.  Next, we mobilize the Tub Grinder and an Excavator to load the trees/stumps into the Grinder.  Our Tub Grinder will aid in the reduction of volume from wood waste by eliminating much of the air voids left between branches and root balls of stumps in a truck bed. The reduction of air voids leads to significant reductions of volumes in trucking, or we can even eliminate trucking costs by turning the wood into mulch which also may be used on site for landscaping or to amend soil. We have removed and ground many giant trees/stumps over fifty inches in diameter. Seedmasters, Inc. is always investing in equipment and methods that will help us create marketable products in Biomass and other wood markets, that can lower costs on your clearing project. 

‚ÄčR.O.W. Clearing and Logging:  Seedmasters, Inc. also has various logging equipment we use to harvest logs from various sites. We have cleared Right of Ways for utilities such as high power transmission and gas pipelines. Wood utilization is key to offering lower pricing and leaving a better work site. Seedmasters has done many forest harvesting projects that have logged overgrown forests.

Wood house and Building Demo/grinding: By demolishing houses and other wooden buildings/structures and running them straight through the grinder and into a truck, we can save you money compared to traditional demo. The volume reduction of grinding versus standard demo is four to one.  Sometimes the ground wood can even be respread onsite or incorporated into the top soil. 

Seedmasters, Inc. prides itself on a quality clearing job and customer satisfaction.  Much of our work is done for repeat clients who want our expertise, based on past experinces.  Care is always taken by our employees with preventing damages to the land and minimizing disturbance.  Our crews keep first aid, fire suppression and safety equipment onsite.  We strive to protect against fires, therefore we are a non smoking company.

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Land Clearing and Tree Removal

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