Seedmasters, Inc. performs a variety of forestry services to include:

Forest Restoration

Fire Mitigation

Fire Hazard Work

Tree Removal

Forest Thinning

Forest Ag Management


We have been doing forestry work for over ten years and completed thousands of acres of projects. Our goal is to make your forest space more usable and safe through the work we do. Many people say that after we finish, their forested property is like a park because they can simply walk through it instead of getting scratched and stuck in the brush. Please call or email us for a quote or site visit.

Seedmasters, Inc.      1837 S. Nevada Ave #117 Colorado Springs CO 80905      (719) 660-9728


"Quality on Time"

Fire/Fuels Mitigation

If you want a specialized quote for your specific project needs, please contact us.

is your PROJECT at one with nature? let us help.