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Seedmasters. Inc. is licensed with the city of Colorado Springs as a tree service.  We are also a licensed pesticide applicator for tree projects that require herbicide for insects and invasive trees. We continually train our employees on safety, proper operating technique, new mitigation prescriptions, and safe sawyer techniques.  We are mine certified and keep enrollment with the Browz safety program.


We have a broad background in construction, earthwork, agriculture, and forestry.  We have completed thousands of acres of land clearing projects.  Our operators are trained to leave minimal imprints on the land and work with homeowners on private property and neighboring properties.  Our priorities are the trees and natural landscapes.

We also provide a full range of consulting services to design build your site creating a functional property that has been returned to a natural habitat.

If you want a specialized quote for your specific project needs, please contact us.

is your PROJECT at one with nature? let us help.

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LAND RECLAMATION, Land Clearing And 
SAFELY MITIGATING/Restoring FORESTs IS our Specialty

"Quality on Time"

Our operations include machine mastication, tracked chippers, and skilled hand crews that offer our customers maximum coverage in a short time period resulting in lower prices.

We develop and place wetlands reclamation installs for anything from ponds to large drainage systems.  We install plants, native grasses/wildflower mixes amd tree pole cuttings on site.

We specialize in custom blend native grass seeding by drilling or hydroseeding. We also provide a full service on best management practices for erosion control.

We clear stumps, large trees, or any woody plant and can grind it up and produce mulch to spread onsite or export.  We also provide a variety of sawyer/logging services to trees, limbs and slash.

More Than Just Land Reclamation